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with other nations on this issue. wbal tv 11 news. >> a virginia governor is apologizing for a major omission by not including slavery as a cause for the civil war. he was declaring april federal -- confederate history month. this is the first time in nearly a decade that virginia has observed this. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. what do you think about the decision to bring back confederate history month in the state of virginia? email us your response to watercooler@wbaltv.com >> coming up, those with mild elegy problems may need to take medication to deal with our symptoms. >> and the bottom -- a bottom and believed to help pregnant women may not be as effective as previously thought. previously thought. hmmm, i'm losing energy this morning. did you have a good breakfast? nooo. here, try this, it's under three hundred calories and pretty satisfying. mmmm! tasty! looks like everything is back to normal. fight the morning fade in under three hundred calories. jimmy dean d-lights. shine on. >> welcome back. 73 degrees at the maryland science center downtown. that will
energy developed offshore. >> one of the first potential drilling sites sits off the coast of virginia. republicans call the decision to drill an economic godsend. >> the good news is virginia is ready to go. >> will baker of the chesapeake bay foundation says waters feed into maryland's ecosystem. >> it is close to maryland city and virginia beach. the waters are as much a part of the chesapeake bay as this water behind me. >> banger believes drilling will introduce a host of new pollutants into the bay. >> all of the blue crabs born in a year or 90% of them could be affected by a bad spill and that could wreak havoc for watermen and crab lovers all over the by a. >> others share similar concerns. the chair to have s wildlife subcommittee says spills happen with the most responsible drilling. spilled oil does not stop at the state border. the entire region must have a say before starting any activity that puts our fisheries and seafood and tourism industry in jeopardy. >> it will not immediately lead to cheaper gas prices. they predict it will take years frr the oil to make its way fr
will come to an abrupt halt in hundreds of coal mines in the state of west virginia. the president has ordered a review of the industry nationwide. washington bureau reporter kate amara has details from washington. >> obama has ordered a sweeping review of coal mines across the country with poor safety records. he's called on federal officials to clean up loophole in the law. all this comes after an initial government report suggesting this month's deadly mine explosion in west virginia may have been avoidable, although it could be two weeks before investigators can get inside the mine and determine a specific cause. meanwhile, today in west virginia, governor joe manchin called for a shutdown of his state's entire coal industry. more than 200 underground mines. >> we're going to dedicate this day to re-evaluate at seminars, reinspect, and those that have repeated violations will be heavily inspected. that's all we can do in honor of those miners so that we never have another family or miner go through this. >> mine owner massey energy calls the president's remarks regrettable and "mis
in west virginia. 25 people dead in the worst mine accident in decades. >> some unfinished business in annapolis. details are next. >> play ball. orioles fans can wipe the slate clean as we kick off another baseball season. >> it feels like summer, but for how much longer? the forecast as a 11 news today continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> good morning. >> place for joining us for 11 news today. >> tony pann gives us a look at the weather. >> for the next couple of days, it will feel like a summer. it is spring, so you know it will not last for long.
for an alternative to coal. in a small community in west virginia, who, prayers, and a race against time to find four miners still missing in the explosion on monday. officials say it could take days to drill ventilation holes to clear dangerous gases build up inside the mind. >> you want to help them as fast as possible. >> it is highlighting the dangers of coal mining. >> thousands of people work and a ground every day. perhaps they become immune to the dangers. >> all coal mining has gotten safer, it is still a dangerous business. the explosion is one of the many factors that goes into a decision on how to develop our energy resources. coal produces about half of our nation's electricity. green energy advocates say everyone should care about what happens here. >> anybody using electricity needs to be thinking that we get it from coal. every time they flip a light switch, they are causing cold to be burned. >> he is with the institute for market transformation. it is pushing for safer and cleaner energy alternatives that will mean retirement for coal plants. the ceo of the mine has been outspoken i
and virginia to fight for their second amendment rights. this rally will be to fall. it will promote the right to bear arms. not everyone agrees. what do not put us in the category of the best and belize. we are everyday citizens protecting our rights and families. -- do not put us in the category of boletullies. >> believes all in their bodies. -- bullets all in their bodies. > >> president obama is preparing to sell this plan to overhaul what street. we have details from our washington newsroom. >> we do not know when or where the president is going, but we do know why. the white house continued its hard sell on wall street reform. president hitting the road and hoping to win over enough republican senators to get the bill passed. >> if he can convince americans that this is looking out for the little guy, he cannot win. >> it has the teeth to prevent another financial meltdown. >> it is about the financial security of all americans. >> it would govern the derivatives market and establish a consumer protection agency. a $50 billion fund to liquidate troubled banks. >> regardless of how the m
in annapolis will consider a ban on handheld devices. >> rescue workers are back down in a west virginia coal mine in hopes of finding four missing coal miners who have been trapped for days. >> and we'll have team coverage of today's home opener at camden yards. >> and what kind of weather will we have for game time and the rest of the weekend? your forecast as 11 news continues right now.
females between the ages of 16 and 23. >> a trial in virginia hopes a form of the herpes virus may help find a cure for cancer. a genetically engineered version of the herpes virus is injected into melanoma tumors. the form of the virus does not actually infect a person with herpes. instead, it afacts the cancer cells. >> it calls in the immune system, it calls in what i call the swat team, so the swat team comes in and attacks the viruses or subdues the virus, but it also subdues the tumor as well. and the immune system becomes programmed to go out into the body and attack other tumors that it might find. >> quite the breakthrough. the doctors at blue ridge cancer care hope their final study red lights in two years will put them a step closer to finding a cure for cancer. >> wow. >> very exciting. >> 5:39, 57 degrees on tv hill. coming up -- >> we're out here live at the wbal-tv tv grounds. we're planting a tree this morning in honor of arbor day. details coming up in a live report. >> and here's a live picture of the downtown area courtesy of our skycam. ♪ ♪ ♪ do, do, do it toge
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8